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FP Canada™ 2022 Financial Stress Index


FP Canada publishes the Financial Stress Index to learn what’s causing Canadians stress and to understand how professional financial planners are helping Canadians achieve financial well-being.

The 2022 survey found that the rising cost of living is leading to significant financial pressure on Canadians. For the fifth year, Canadians said money was their top source of stress.


Key findings

The 2022 Financial Stress Index reveals that 38% of Canadians say money is their biggest concern, outranking personal health (21%), work (19%) and relationships (18%). The survey also highlights the following:

  • Two in five Canadians (39%) report feeling less hopeful about their financial futures now than a year ago
  • One in three (35%) say financial stress is leading to anxiety, depression, or mental health issues

Fortunately, the survey also shows that Canadians are taking action to alleviate their stress. One step many have taken is working with a professional financial planner, which has led to the following:

  • They’re far less likely to cite money as their top concern than those who don’t work with a planner (15% vs. 39%)
  • They’re less likely to face anxiety, depression, or mental health issues as a result of financial stress than those who don’t work with a planner (16% vs. 36%)
  • They’re comparatively more hopeful about their financial futures than they were a year ago



2022 Financial Stress Index at a glance




White paper

Go more in depth into the research in the Financial Stress Index with the white paper, which captures the key findings nationally, regionally, and by topic to help you demonstrate the value of working with a financial planner.


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Sample social media posts

Share insights with your network and start the conversation with clients and prospective clients on social media. Download your 2022 Financial Stress Index social media posts for QAFP professionals and for CFP professionals.


FP Canada’s Spotify Stress-Free Summer Soundtrack

Since music is known to soothe the financially-stressed soul, here’s our 2nd annual Stress-Free Summer Soundtrack, curated for you by CFP® professionals and QAFP™ professionals from across Canada.



The tools and resources on this page can help you, as a financial planner certified by FP Canada, continue to have meaningful conversations with your clients and assist them in managing any financial stress they may be experiencing.


2021 Financial Stress Index Infographic click button to download accessible pdf.