Improving CPP Planning for Canadians: Timing is everything - Behavioural insights, Practical, CE Credits


Are your clients losing out on a significant level of secure retirement income?


Improving CPP Planning for Canadians: Timing is Everything

A continuous professional development course

This course gives you practical guidance on helping your clients establish the most favourable time for them to apply for their retirement Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits. It provides new insights and strategies to help your clients optimize their retirement income and achieve the ultimate goal of long-term financial security.


Risks of taking CPP benefits early - losing out on significant level of secure income. Even a short delay in claiming could deliver high value



This course will enable you to:

  1. Identify core elements of the Canadian Pension Plan
    Key factors that impact CPP decisions in the current environment
  2. Understand the role of longevity in CPP timing decisions
    Approaches to using longevity data and assumptions to consider while making CPP decisions
  3. Evaluate CPP deferral opportunities
    Evidence-based approaches to assess when to take CPP benefits
  4. Improve client outcomes
    Strategies and techniques to address common human biases and tendencies


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CPP Planning course : time, money, improved outcomes. Illustration of students with a CFP Professional learning.




Course length: 5 hours, Five Financial CE Credits, Introductory price $150. Illustration




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Course Features:

1. Evidence-based learning

2. Practical and actionable content

3. Behavioural insights and real-life examples

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How to Register

To register for a continuous professional development course, log in to the FP Canada Portal and complete the FP Canada Institute Continuing Education Application available on the "My Applications" page.



For assistance with your continuous professional development registration or for questions about the course please contact our FP Canada certificant and student services team at, 416-593-8587 or 1-800-305-9886.