Volunteer Opportunities

In support of the financial planning profession, more than 300 CFP® professionals and FPSC Level 1® certificants generously volunteer their expertise and passion to a wide range of important activities to ensure that financial planning and FP Canada’s work in the public interest is well represented.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Help shape the evolution of the profession
  • Give back to the profession
  • Gain unique and exclusive networking and learning experience
  • Expand your knowledge and experience


Current Opportunities

Join our volunteers by applying directly to any of the rewarding roles and activities shown below. You may also view a full list of our Volunteer Groups below and contact info@fpcanada.ca to inquire about opportunities to get involved.


Future Opportunities

The following opportunities are currently closed. If you would like to receive an alert when these opportunities open, please email Francine Mitrakos at fmitrakos@fpcanada.ca.


Volunteer Groups

FP Canada accomplishes its work hand in hand with the following groups of professionals who generously volunteer their expertise and passion. Select a group to learn more. If you are interested in joining any of these volunteer groups, please contact info@fpcanada.ca to inquire about opportunities to get involved.


The Board of Directors is accountable for FP Canada’s purpose, mandate, governance and ultimate success. Working on behalf of the public, CFP professionals and other stakeholders, the Board is responsible for establishing the organization’s ends and for monitoring its achievement of those ends, ensuring that FP Canada’s purpose is realized. The Board is comprised of 10 individuals with varied backgrounds, including five Certified Financial Planner® professionals, three public directors, one director at large and one licensed financial planner from Quebec.

The Board Development Committee (BDC) facilitates the effective functioning of the Board and enhances the quality of Board governance, communications, engagement and collaboration. The BDC establishes and assesses Director qualifications; identifies and recruits qualified Board, Officer, Committee and Panel candidates; measures Board and Director performance; oversees the orientation, Continuing Education and succession planning of Directors; and develops, reviews and revises Board Policies and By-laws.

The Compensation Committee is responsible for assisting the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities to negotiate and administer the employment contract, set the compensation and conduct the annual performance review of the President & CEO; establish corporate Key Performance Indicators; review the organization’s HR program and total compensation philosophy; and ensure an adequate succession plan for the President & CEO is in place.

The Conduct Review Panel is an independent panel composed of CFP professionals and members of the public that reviews staff reports and directs the appropriate outcome of complaints, in the public interest. The panel’s membership reflects significant diversity of experience as well as geographic diversity. The panel convenes once every two months or as often as necessary, through a combination of in-person and conference call meetings.

The Hearing Panel Roster is composed of CFP professionals and lawyers with diverse experience and national representation. These professionals—many whom bring compliance or experience in professional discipline—play a critical role in ensuring the integrity of the profession by enforcing the high professional and ethical standards embodied in the FP Canada Standards Council Standards of Professional Responsibility. Members serve on an as-needed basis on Hearing Panels and Appeal Panels and, on average, will serve on between one and ten panels per year.

The Examination Item Writers play a vital role in shaping the next generation of FP Canada certificants. With training and support, item writers research and develop examination questions based on the Competency Profile, and review and provide feedback on questions developed by other item writers on various scenarios and topics. Item-writing workshops are hosted two to three times each year, with each workshop running for four days.

Crucial in ensuring exam quality, the Examination Panels are composed of CFP professionals who are experts in all areas of financial planning. They serve on one of two panels: the FPSC Level 1 examination Panel or the CFP examination Panel. The Panels are responsible for assessing the competence of candidates to certification; ensuring the exams are fair, valid and reliable; and setting the passing score for each examination. Panel members serve for a one-, two- or three-year term, which may be extended to a maximum of six consecutive years’ service.

Each June and December, Examination Scorers play a key role in evaluating the knowledge and readiness of the next generation of CFP professionals. Scorers are trained by FP Canada staff and then work within assigned teams of other CFP professionals from across Canada. They rigorously score a specific set of candidate responses in the CFP examination, a competency-based examination comprised largely of constructed-response questions. Each session runs for a five-day period.

Available to GTA residents, Examination Test-Writers ensure the validity of the content and development of the FPSC Level 1 examination or the CFP examination. Volunteers write the exams in a mock test environment and, directly following the writing of the exam, are required to provide feedback on exam questions, structure, time provisions, format, exam day-procedures, and more. Sessions are held twice a year, with participation for the FPSC Level 1 exam for a half-day, and the CFP exam for a full day.

The purpose of the role of Fairness Commissioner is to provide an external point of escalation for complaints about FP Canada’s processes that are not addressed by FP Canada’s staff to the satisfaction of the Complainant. This role, like an ombudsperson, provides for an impartial and unbiased third-party review of an FP Canada process that was followed to reach the decision that led to the complaint. The Fairness Commissioner’s recommendations are not binding on FP Canada, but there is an expectation that FP Canada staff shall make efforts to implement any recommendations.

The Finance and Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in its oversight responsibilities as it relates to financial reporting and related compliance; external auditor selection, independence and performance; financial risk management; and monitoring and reviewing investment policies, management and performance.

CFP Professional Media Ambassadors are approached when FP Canada gets requests for media interviews about the specifics of financial planning. Volunteers must be comfortable speaking with the media and need to be available on short notice. Media Ambassadors also provide expertise for content on FP Canada’s website for the Canadian public, FinancialPlanningForCanadians.ca and other consumer-facing platforms.

The Projection Assumption Guidelines Committee is responsible for developing the Projection Assumption Guidelines and updating the Guidelines on an annual basis. The Projection Assumption Guidelines are intended help financial planners make long-term financial projections that are free from potential biases or predispositions.

Public Policy Ambassadors raise awareness with politicians across Canada about the importance of financial planning and the need to establish appropriate regulatory standards for all those who call themselves “financial planners.” Public Policy Ambassadors do this by meeting with their local MLAs or MPPs, educating them on the vitally important role qualified, professional financial planners play in the lives of their constituents, and explaining to them the lack of–and need for–appropriate regulatory standards for all “financial planners” in Canada.

The purpose of the Recognition and Awards Committee is to oversee the recognition of individuals through the Donald J. Johnston Lifetime Achievement Award in Financial Planning, the FP Canada Fellow Distinction, and the President’s List . This Committee is a staff-led committee under the purview of the President & CEO.

CFP Professional Ambassadors visit college and university classrooms and career events across the country to discuss the day-to-day life of a CFP professional and offer a first-hand perspective on a career in financial planning to prospective candidates. Volunteers are added to a roster of available ambassadors that are called on to attend events in their area.

The Standards Panel oversees the standards of the profession including the Competency Profile, Projection Assumption Guidelines and the FP Canada Standards Council Standards of Professional Responsibility. An independent standing committee of the FP Canada Board of Directors composed of public members and financial planners, the panel’s membership reflects significant diversity of experience as well as geographic diversity. The panel convenes three to four times per year, through a combination of in-person and conference call meetings.


Thank You to Our Volunteers

FP Canada’s volunteers have a meaningful impact on the advancement of the financial planning profession. FP Canada is pleased to feature all the names of our current volunteers to recognize them for their significant contributions and ongoing commitment to excellence in the financial planning profession.

    Adrienne Kirsh, Akinwale Thompson, Al Nagy, Albert Pelletier, Alena Thouin, Alfredo Di Somma, Alim Dhanji, Allan Barss, Andrea Thompson, Andrew Gordon, Anthony Visconti, Armand de Kemp, Ashley Bakker, Beatrice Grant, Behnam Behseta, Bernie Geiss, Biljana Manojlovic, Bonnie Naccarato, Brad Speck, Brett Millard, Carol Mitchell, Caroline Dabu, Carolyn Fallis, Caroyln Scott, Carrie Kirkland, Chen Wang, Conrad Seguin, Craig Lilley, Cynthia Kett, Dan Busi, Dan Meilleur, Dan Martonfi, Dan Willet, Dana Mercer-Guest, Daniel Bortolotti, Daniel Laverdiere, Dave Burnie, Dave Wild, Dave Salloum, David Drummond, David Harris, David Johnson, David McGruer, David Muriella, David Phipps, David Russell, David Shuen, Debbie Ammeter, Delilah Dushenski , Delores Moskal, Denis Preston, Diane Koven, Don Fernando, Donna Turner, Dorothy Hagel, Doug Lamb, Elma Boljak, Elyse Pinsonneault, Francois Durocher, Frank Wiginton, Gena Katz, Graeme Martin, Helen Daley, Henry Korenblum, Ian Rea, Ian Wood, Imran Choudhary, Ira Micay, Jacqueline Soong, James Blackwell, James Kraemer, Janice Charko, Jasmina Begovic, Jeanette Brox, Jean-Pierre Gallant, Jeff Cormier, Jeff Lightheart, Jennifer Dong, Jenny Zhu, Jerry Sun, Jim Kraft, Joe Salib, John De Goey, John Hope, John Vermeulen, John Voorhorst, Jonathan Roung, Joshua Brown, June Lee Karen Burns, Kate Li, Kelly Maidens, Kevin Cork, Kevin Gebert, Kim Young, Krista Jensen, Kurt Rosentreter, Larry Wood, Lesley Poole, Linda McIntyre, Lisa Beilman, Lyle MacDougall, Marc Lamontagne, Marc Henein, Marc André Castonguay, Marciel Ramos, Margie Parikh, Mark Halpern Martin Dupras, MaryAnn Kokan-Nyhof, Melissa Brooks, Mia Karmelic Micheal Grange, Michelle Tatham, Mike Thorne, Millie Gormely, Minoo Shah, Mitchell Whiteland, Nathalie Bachand, Neelam Patani, Oleg Bakharev, Orlando Lopez, Pat Macdonald, Paul Way, Paul DeGraaf, Paul Thorne, Peter Andreana, Peter Merrick, Peter Shena, Peter Ficek, Philip Lawrence, Raymond Padua, Rick Wood, Robert An, Robert Tufts, Robin Swinton, Ron Harvey, Ross McShane, Ross Young, Ryan Harder, Sandra Dilworth, Scott Ellison, Scott Holden, Scott Plaskett, Sebastien Skupek, Shannon Bernstein, Stefanie Keller, Sterling Rempel, Stuart Dollar, Sucheta Rajagopal, Susan Baird, Susan Howe, Tanya Herman-Vanthuyne, Teresa Black Hughes, Thomas Feigs, Tim McIntosh, Timothy Bertrand, Timothy Raposo, Tina Tehranchian, Tyler Brack, Tyler Fehr, Tyler Saito, Valérie Chatain-White, Veronique Shanks, Vickie Snow, Warren Hope, Wasiq Saiyid, Wayne Yutman, William Jack, Zaman Sahi, Zeynep Onen.