May 2024 QAFP® Exam

The May QAFP exam is a three-hour examination consisting of up to 100 three-option multiple-choice questions, presented as stand-alone questions and case studies with related questions. It is based on the updated FP Canada Standards Council™ Competency Profile for QAFP Certification as outlined in the FP Canada Blueprint: QAFP Exam (May 2024). Candidates writing this exam are subject to new eligibility requirements including the completion of the QAFP Professional Education Program prior to the exam. Information on the direct path to QAFP certification can be found here.

To learn about requirements for the February 2024 QAFP exam, visit this page


The May sitting of the QAFP exam will be held on May 30, 2024.



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Important Dates


May 2024 QAFP Exam

March 5Registration Opens
TBD Examination Prep Webinar
March 24 QAFP PEP Assessment Deadline
April 16 Early Bird Ends
Last day to request a testing accommodation or
French exam
May 1 Registration Closes
Last day to withdraw from an exam sitting, change location
or change writing format
May 8 Transcript & IPE deadline
Last day to select online proctored exam connection start time
May 30QAFP Exam Day




Early Bird Discounted
Rate ends two months
before exam sitting
After Early Bird
closes one month
before exam sitting
Exam Registration & Practice Exam   $675 + tax$775 + tax
Exam Registration$550 + tax$650 + tax

To view a complete list of examination fees, including alternate location, postponement or withdrawal fees, click here.



To write the May QAFP exam, you must have successfully completed FP Canada Institute’s Technical Education – Fundamentals or an FP Canada-approved Core Curriculum Program, as well as have completed in the past four years, the QAFP Professional Education program. Candidates on the former path to QAFP certification that wish to write the May QAFP exam will need to complete the QAFP Professional Education Program prior to the exam. Information on the direct path to QAFP certification can be found here.


If you hold a relevant professional qualification in good standing in Canada, you may qualify for education exemptions from components of FP Canada Institute Technical Education – Fundamentals or Core Curriculum requirements.  Relevant professional qualifications include:

  • CPA
  • CFA
  • FCIA
  • LL.B./J.D.

Submit Your Documentation

Candidates on the direct path to QAFP certification must successfully complete the QAFP exam within four years (or four attempts) of completing the QAFP Professional Education Program. If you are not successful on the exam within four years (or four attempts), you will need to successfully repeat the QAFP Professional Education Program to be eligible to requalify for the QAFP exam.


Exam Location

Candidates have two options for the administration of the May QAFP exam: writing the exam at an in-person testing centre, or via online proctoring with their own computer from home or another private location. You will be asked to select an in-person test centre or online proctoring as your exam location as part of the registration process for the QAFP exam.

Online proctoring provides candidates with the opportunity to write the exam from home or another private location using their own computer, webcam, microphone and internet connection. The exam is written in a secure environment on downloaded software – the same exam software that is used at in-person test centres. Before selecting online proctoring as an option, consider if your computer system meets the technology and system requirements necessary for participation in online proctoring. Note that there are no exceptions for these requirements. More information on technology and system requirements will be found in the  FP Canada Guide to the QAFP Examination (available March 2024).

You will be asked to indicate your preferred exam location on the QAFP exam application. FP Canada will strive to accommodate your preferred location, but if the location has reached capacity your second preferred location will be assigned to you. In the rare event that your first and second preferred locations are at capacity, an alternate exam location will be proposed to you. A list of standard locations will be listed in the FP Canada Guide to the QAFP Examination (available March 2024).


Practice Exam

The Practice Exam is a study tool to help prepare you for the QAFP exam. It allows you to experience how the actual exam looks and feels – and most importantly provides feedback on your performance. Candidates who prepared with FP Canada Practice Exams in the past often said they were more familiar with the exam software, felt the diagnostic report provided useful feedback on their performance and felt better prepared to write the exam. We encourage you to take advantage of this essential study tool and recommend you complete the Practice Exam early in your preparation process.
The Practice Exam for the May 2024 QAFP Exam will be available for purchase starting in March 2024.


Based on the FP Canada Blueprint: QAFP Examination (May 2024), the Practice Exam has the same structure, 3-option multiple choice question format, and types of questions as the actual exam and uses the same software that you’ll use on exam day.

Following completion of the Practice Exam, you will receive detailed rationales for all exam questions as well as a diagnostic report to help identify areas that may require more study. You’re encouraged to refer to the information provided in the diagnostic report while preparing for the QAFP examination. You can view the Practice Exam and the rationales for each correct and incorrect answer as often as you like until exam day.

You may perceive that the level of difficulty of the actual exam varies from the Practice Exam; however, materials on the Practice Exam have appeared on actual FP Canada examinations. With more time to write the Practice Exam than the actual exam, access to study materials while you write it and that your performance on the Practice Exam has no direct consequences may impact your perception of the level of difficulty. When you write the actual exam, there may be some differences in administration settings and there are tighter time constraints for writing; these factors could make the actual exam seem more difficult than the Practice Exam.

Refunds are not provided for the purchase of the Practice Exam. Use of the Practice Exam is restricted to candidates who have registered or are registering to write the QAFP examination and is for personal study use only. The Practice Exam is updated annually for currency. The Practice Exam is available in English and French.

View the Terms & Conditions

If you have questions about the Practice Exam, please contact us at Questions or comments received less than two days prior to the QAFP examination will be answered after the examination. There are no additional explanations or tutoring on the Practice Exam content. Please refer to your study materials to better understand the concepts presented in the Practice Exam.


Study Toolkit

More information will be available by March 2024


Preparation Checklist

This checklist will help you prepare to write the QAFP exam. For more detailed information, refer to the FP Canada Guide to the QAFP Examination (available March 2024).

Registration will open in March 2024.

More information will be available by March 2024

More information will be available by March 2024


Key Resources

Guide to the QAFP Examination (Available by March 2024)
FP Canada Blueprint: QAFP Examination (May 2024)
FP Canada Standards Council Competency Profiles for QAFP Certification
QAFP® Certification Policies
CFP® Certification Policies
FAQ: QAFP Examination



If you have any questions regarding the QAFP examination or your responsibilities or rights as a candidate, contact FP Canada's Certificant and Student Services at, 416-593-8587 or 1-800-305-9886.