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CFP® professionals and QAFP™ professionals demonstrate to their clients and colleagues that they have the knowledge, skills, experience and professional ethics to meet the financial planning needs of Canadians and help them achieve financial wellbeing.


The financial planning profession directly contributes to the wellbeing of society. Financial planners are trusted partners through all phases of their clients’ lives. They help clients manage their everyday and complex financial needs with a plan that fits their whole lives and changing circumstances. Financial planners’ ongoing guidance helps their clients build financial confidence.

Financial planners must have comprehensive financial planning technical skills and knowledge to offer professional advice. Just as importantly, they need strong behavioural and relationship skills so they can communicate and connect effectively with their clients.

To raise awareness about financial planning as a career, FP Canada works with its industry and education partners to describe the options and communicate the pathways to become a financial planner.


A high bar for certification
To obtain and maintain a professional financial planning certification from FP Canada, candidates must:
  • Complete the comprehensive technical requirements and the professional education program
  • Pass the certification exam
  • Demonstrate relevant work experience
  • Commit to ongoing professional development
  • Adhere to a strict code of ethics


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878 CFP exam candidates 76% online proctored 24% in person
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110 QAFP exam candidates 76% online proctored 24% in person




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Consumers are at the core of FP Canada’s commitment to championing better financial wellness for all Canadians by advancing professional financial planning.


FP Canada resources to help consumers learn about the value of financial planning include:
  • Find a Planner Tool – to locate a professional financial planner in a specific area or verify a planner’s certification status
  • Financial Planning for Canadians website – a stand-alone site with articles, videos, infographics and more
  • The FP Canada consumer e-newsletter – ongoing tips and guidance from professional financial planners for life stages and life events.
  • Social media – news updates and timely information such as FP Canada’s COVID-19 resources

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Consumer research provides insights on the benefits of financial planning

The unprecedented disruption of the pandemic showed that, more than ever, Canadians need personalized, professional financial planning advice to navigate financial challenges. The Tale of Two Pandemics survey found that people who work with professional financial planners were more able to adapt to the impact of COVID-19.

Chart with Tale of Two Pandemics survey results comparing results from people who worked with a financial planner vs those who did not. Click to read article





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FP Canada held its first virtual Financial Planning Week in November 2020, providing unprecedented access to planners across the country. It was a huge success. Record attendance significantly exceeded expectations:
  • 1,754 attendees participated from across Canada – 30% for the first time
  • 85% were CFP professionals or QAFP professionals
  • 88% of attendees said they would recommend the event


This prestigious list honours CFP exam candidates with the highest scores across Canada.

Rory Drennen 1st place

Rory Drennen

Ottawa, ON
1st Place

Jarrett Holmes 2nd place

Jarrett Holmes

Winnipeg, MB
2nd Place

Kris Kibler 3rd place

Kristopher Kibler

Calgary, AB
3rd Place




The newly instituted award is conferred on the candidate receiving the highest mark on the QAFP exam across Canada.

Nicole Robyn QAFP Award of Merit recipient

Nicole Robyn

Hamilton, ON








Larry A Wood, 2020 Donald J. Johnston Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

Larry A. Wood, CFP®



The Donald J. Johnston Lifetime Achievement Award in Financial Planning recognizes a lifetime of contribution to, and a lasting positive impact on the financial planning profession. Award candidates are nominated by their peers, and recipients are selected by an independent committee.

Larry A. Wood, CFP® is a tenured professor at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business , where he teaches corporate governance, ethical decision making and personal finance management. He was instrumental in establishing the FP Canada-approved education program at the University of Calgary and has educated hundreds of students who have become financial planners.


Mr. Wood has authored numerous academic papers and textbooks, and also has extensive experience in helping some of Canada’s biggest financial services firms shift from a product focus to comprehensive financial planning. An FP CanadaTM Fellow since 2011, he has also participated in the ongoing development of global standards for Certified Financial Planner® professionals.

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The FP Canada Research Foundation™ is an independent registered charity dedicated to funding financial planning research to enhance the wellbeing of all Canadians. The Foundation funds, promotes and disseminates research to financial planners to enhance their practice, as well as to academic partners and consumers.


The Foundation provides funding for:

  1. technical research that examines current practices in financial planning and provides evidence for financial planning strategies and decision-making models to help financial planners provide informed and effective advice to their clients
  2. behavioural research that examines the impact of human behaviour on effective financial planning
  3. societal research that examines the benefits of financial planning for society as a whole.