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What Financial Planners do

Professional financial planners make a difference by contributing to the financial confidence and well-being of the people they advise. Here’s what to expect if you’re considering financial planning as a career.



As a professional financial planner, you will:

  1. Listen closely to your clients, help them identify their aspirations and goals
  2. Work with them to develop a financial plan that addresses and reflects their whole lives and circumstances
  3. Partner with your clients to implement the plan and continue to evolve the plan to fit your clients’ changing circumstances

Financial Planners provide professional advice in the following key areas:

  1. Financial Management – helping clients manage how much they earn and how much they spend or borrow. 
  2. Insurance and Risk Management – helping clients plan for the unexpected, such as death, health issues, property damage and other risks. 
  3. Investment Planning – working with clients to determine how much of their savings should be invested, and in what kinds of investment types and products. 
  4. Retirement Planning – partnering with clients to map out their retirement and build a plan to make it a reality. 
  5. Tax Planning – helping clients implement strategies for managing and even reducing the tax they pay now and in the future. 
  6. Estate Planning and Legal Aspects – supporting clients as they consider how much they'll leave behind and for whom. 
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Is this the right career for you?

  • ✓ Do you enjoy working with people?
  • ✓ Are you focused and goal-oriented
  • ✓ Do you enjoy problem-solving?
  • ✓ Are you a good listener?
  • ✓ Can you ask difficult, sometimes uncomfortable questions?
  • ✓ Is contributing to the community important to you?


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 A day in the life of a financial planner

There are many different types of opportunities in professional financial planning, which is why no two careers in the industry look exactly alike. Learn more about what working in the profession is really like from these established financial planners

Meet Fred Zhou

CFP® Professional, TD Wealth, British Columbia

Meet Glen Dilworth

QAFP® Professional, RBC Financial Planning, Ontario

Meet Kelly Ho: The mentor
kelly ho - background

CFP® Professional
DLD Financial, BC

"It’s really about how to make someone’s life better, and to make them feel better about what’s going to happen in the future."

Meet Amish Gandhi

QAFP® Professional
RBC Financial Planning, Ontario

"I try to treat this as my own business. Successful planners have an entrepreneurial focus."

Meet Jay Mallari
Jay Mallari, QAFP

QAFP® Professional
Sun Life Advisor Cambria Financial Solutions, Inc. BC

"The best part is when I hear a client tell me they’ve saved enough to buy a home. I know I’ve helped them achieve that dream, in a tough market."



What are my career and growth opportunities?