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FP Canada™ certificants have an obligation to ensure their knowledge and competence in their field remains current. FP Canada's continuing education (CE) requirement is designed to support the maintenance and ongoing professional development required to continue meeting client needs. The CE activities that appear on this search tool have been reviewed through the FP Canada CE Approval Program. The number of credits and the category that each CE activity qualifies for under FP Canada’s CE requirements is listed with each search result.

Continuing Education Requirements

CFP® professionals must complete 25 hours of CE annually, including two hours in the category of Professional Responsibility (a change from the previous one-hour annual requirement). QAFP professionals must complete 12 hours of CE annually. Learn more about FP Canada’s CE requirements for maintaining CFP® certification or QAFP® certification.

How to Use the Tool

All FP Canada-Approved CE activities and their providers are listed below. You may refine your search criteria using keywords, location, or one or more of the dropdown menus.

Continuing Education Providers

If you would like to have a CE activity included on this tool, please refer to the FP Canada CE Approval Program Manual for more information about the FP Canada CE Approval Program requirements and application process.

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