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2022 - 2025 STRATEGIC PLAN
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IMAGINE 2030 is FP Canada™’s bold vision of realizing “financial wellness for all Canadians.” 

Our Strategic Plan outlines the work we’ll do over the next three years toward achieving that vision. It is based on our belief that the financial planning profession directly contributes to the well-being of society.

The Strategic Plan focuses on five factors that are impacting the financial planning profession and shows how FP Canada will provide support. We will:

  • Increase communication about the value and high standards of professional financial planning.
  • Take action to explore the impact of technology on financial planning.
  • Enhance diversity of our students and financial planners to reflect all Canadians
  • Help consumers understand the benefits of financial advice that takes their whole lives into account.
  • Adapt our certification pathways to meet the needs of aspiring financial planners and industry.



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FP Canada will LEAD the growth of professional financial planning to achieve our strategy and our IMAGINE 2030 vision.

We will

  • Strengthen Leadership and stakeholder relationships
  • Enhance the practice of professional financial planning
  • Support consumer Access to financial planning
  • Increase consumer Demand for professional financial planning.




Our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan provides a bold direction for FP Canada and sets an ambitious course for our future. Read how we will take important steps over the next three years toward our overarching goal of financial wellness for all Canadians.