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2022 - 2025 STRATEGIC PLAN
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Our Strategic Goal:
Canadians have embraced and have confidence in financial planning as an important professional service on the path to financial wellness.



At FP Canada™, we believe that access to professional financial planning is critical to financial wellness.

Research shows that Canadians who work with professional financial planners feel more confident about their financial health.

The FP Canada 2022 Financial Stress Index  found that people who work with a professional financial planner were far less likely to say money was their top concern, compared to those who don’t (15% vs. 39%).

But many Canadians don’t seek help from a financial planner because of:

  • Confusion about what financial planning is and who can provide it.
  • Uncertainty about who to trust and what the costs are.
  • Anxiety about having enough money and knowledge to work with a financial planner.
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Professional Financial Planning for all Canadians

FP Canada will increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the financial planning profession. The annual IMAGINE 2030 survey will measure progress on how Canadians feel about their financial well-being, confidence, access to financial advice and trust of financial professionals. Read the results of the initial survey in the IMAGINE 2030 Benchmark Report.






By 2025

We will measure our success by increases in:

A more diverse population of Canadian consumers understand, trust, and have confidence to engage with professional financial planners.


  • Demand for financial planning.
  • Consumer use of FP Canada website.

Professional financial planning is accessible to more Canadians.


  • Number of Canadians supported by our pro bono initiatives.
  • Trust, wellness and accessibility measures in annual survey.

Canadians feel confident using technology solutions to support their financial health.

  • Technology-based supports are providing increased access to financial planning for Canadians.
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Over the next three years, FP Canada will launch new programs to lower the barriers that prevent people from working with financial planners. That will help make financial planning more available to all Canadians—no matter how much money they have, how old they are, or what their gender or race is.