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2022 - 2025 STRATEGIC PLAN
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Our Strategic Goal:
The profession operates in the public interest; is accessible and inclusive; is holistic and client-centric; and remains current and relevant to Canadian society.



To meet the needs of all Canadians, FP Canada™ will work to increase the number of professional financial planners.

We will also make efforts to increase the diversity of financial planners, so that more and more, they are reflective of the people they serve by

  • Developing new paths into financial planning careers
  • Recommending QAFP certification to individuals at the beginning of their career
  • Building leading edge content and attractive delivery methods to support the paths to certification.

Maintaining public trust in the profession is imperative. CFP® professionals and QAFP professionals must always meet the highest standards in their work. The FP Canada Standards Council™ will continue to enforce these standards so that Canadians can trust that financial planners are working in their best interest.

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“3H” skills set financial planners apart

Today’s financial planners need strong relationship skills so they can communicate well with their clients.

FP Canada calls this approach “3H Financial Planning”—holistic, human, and honest.

Both CFP professionals and QAFP professionals are trained to provide holistic, honest and human advice to Canadians.





By 2025

We will measure our success by increases in:

People from many backgrounds and ages join the profession.


  • Growth in diversity of our student and candidate populations.
  • Decline in the average age of exam writers.

FP Canada supports the profession to deliver financial planning that is human, honest, holistic and in the client’s best interest.


  • Strong ratings of FP Canada events and programs by financial planning professionals.
  • Feedback from financial planners and firms that FP Canada’s practice guidance and support is valued.
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Over the next three years, FP Canada will increase the number of professional financial planners. The focus will be to engage people from many backgrounds and at an early stage in their careers. The FP Canada Standards Council will continue to set, maintain and enforce high Standards of Professional Responsibility for CFP professionals and QAFP professionals.