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2022 - 2025 STRATEGIC PLAN
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Our Strategic Goal:
FP Canada™ leads the evolution of financial planning as a unified profession that all Canadians can confidently rely on to deliver at consistently high standards.


FP Canada leads the growth of the financial planning profession. A profession that directly contributes to the well-being of Canadians.

To sustain growth, we will continue to:

  • Invest in people, systems and technology
  • Develop and enforce professional standards in the public interest
  • Create inclusive pathways to careers in financial planning
  • Work with our industry partners to support professional financial planners
  • Help consumers understand the benefits of financial planning.
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Demanding Requirements

To obtain CFP® certification or QAFP™ certification, candidates must:

  • Complete a rigorous technical and professional education program
  • Pass a comprehensive national exam
  • Demonstrate qualifying work experience.

To maintain certification, CFP professionals and QAFP professionals:

  • Must commit to ongoing professional development
  • Adhere to a strict code of ethics.





By 2025

We will measure our success by increases in:

FP Canada is the leading source of expertise for critical issues impacting professional financial planning, including technology, regulation, and diversity and inclusion.


  • More industry and financial planning professionals are taking part in FP Canada events
  • FP Canada is the first point of contact for media on matters related to financial planning.
  • Stakeholders view FP Canada’s leadership of the profession as valuable.

FP Canada leads the growth of professional financial planning by developing standards in the public interest, relevant to practice, and adopted by the profession.


  • Stakeholders view FP Canada standards as relevant and in the public interest
  • Standards are consistent with or embedded into compliance requirements at industry firms and with self-regulatory organizations.

FP Canada and Institut québécois de planification financière (IQPF) work effectively to enhance professional financial planning in Canada.


  • Recognition between FP Canada and IQPF certification paths.
  • FP Canada and IQPF have partnered to develop bilingual continuing education and thought leadership.
  • FP Canada and IQPF coordinate regularly on public policy initiatives.

FP Canada has effective processes and organizational capacity to lead the evolution of financial planning in Canada.


  • Employee surveys indicate strong support for FP Canada’s values, training and development, and overall employee satisfaction.
  • Stakeholders give positive feedback on FP Canada’s digital platforms.

FP Canada’s Competency Profile, Body of Knowledge and certification pathways continue to evolve and remain relevant in response to changes in professional practice, technology and diversity/cultural competencies.


  • FP Canada's certification programs are relevant and flexible.
  • CFP professionals and QAFP professionals say certification programs prepared them for professional practice.
  • Employers are satisfied with the readiness, skills and knowledge of new credential holders, and their ability to work with clients.
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Over the next three years, we will work to ensure FP Canada is regarded as the best source of expertise about financial planning, build our organization’s ability to respond and adapt to change and support a culture of excellence through training and development.