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2022 - 2025 STRATEGIC PLAN
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Our Strategic Goal:
Governments recognize financial planning as a profession and support its broad accessibility, through appropriate policy and regulatory frameworks.




FP Canada™ advocates for policy solutions for Canadians and their financial resilience.

As a national organization operating in the public interest, FP Canada works with provincial governments to strengthen consumer protection with “title protection” laws.

  • These laws spell out who can call themselves a financial planner.
  • They make deciding who to trust for financial advice less confusing.
  • To date, Ontario and Saskatchewan have passed these laws. FP Canada will continue its work to achieve the same protection for all Canadians.

FP Canada will also lead federal policy discussions about how to help all Canadians becoming financially resilient. CFP professionals and QAFP professionals will help in this journey.

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FP Canada recognized in Ontario under title protection framework

The Financial Professionals Title Protection Act came into force in Ontario in March 2022. FP Canada was recognized as an official credentialling body for financial planners, and those holding the CFP® certification and QAFP™ certification were approved to call themselves financial planners.

This law means consumers can be confident that any financial planner they work with is ethical, knowledgeable and competent.





By 2025

We will measure our success by increases in:

FP Canada’s definition of a “financial plan” is recognized in regulatory frameworks.


  • A national definition of a financial plan is broadly accepted within government policy.

Title restriction legislation is adopted and implemented in most Canadian provinces and territories.


  • Ontario and Saskatchewan fully implement title legislation.
  • Four other Canadian provinces commit to title legislation.

Public policy solutions from governments to make financial planning services more available are put into effect.


  • Federal government makes policy changes to provide for broader access to financial planning.

Federal and provincial governments see FP Canada as the leading organization for professional financial planning.


  • Governments consider FP Canada's research and expertise in the development of public policy.
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Over the next three years, FP Canada will continue to work with provincial governments to increase consumer protection through title legislation and develop programs and policy solutions to improve Canadians' financial resiliency.