Partners in the Profession

FP Canada™ pursues its mandate with the support of its partners in the financial planning profession. This includes organizations that oversee the certification of financial planners in other jurisdictions, as well as regulatory bodies and representatives from the financial services industry.

Institute of Financial Planning

The Institute of Financial Planning (the Institute) is a Proud Partner of FP Canada. The Institute is the only organization in Quebec authorized to award the diploma leading to the F.Pl. title.

The Institute and FP Canada share the common pursuits of setting financial planning standards and ensuring that professional financial planners meet those rigorous standards of competence, professionalism and ethics. In addition, both organizations provide prospective and existing financial planners with education, tools, resources and support to meet the needs of their clients.

The Institute and FP Canada believe that creating a truly national profession requires greater harmonization of the standards that back the profession Canada-wide, as well as between the organizations leading the development of the profession in Québec and in the rest of Canada.

As such, the Institute has signed on as a Proud Partner of FP Canada. Under the partnership, the financial planning profession in Québec participates in the governance of FP Canada through representation on the Board of Directors and on important committees and Panels.

This strategic partnership creates a coordinated voice for the financial planning profession across the country and enables the two organizations to work together towards the common goal of establishing a unified Canada-wide financial planning profession for the benefit of all Canadians. In particular, the Institute is working with FP Canada to further unify the standards across the country, achieve greater consistency in the profession’s evolution and ensure efficient use of resources towards that end across the country, while recognizing the provincial jurisdictions over professions in Canada.

The partnership also includes a Joint Strategy Committee, which creates a formal mechanism for communication and for establishing a Canada-wide strategy for the financial planning profession.

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Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB)

FP Canada is part of an international network of 26 territories that are affiliates of the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB), which oversees CFP® certification internationally. FP Canada is authorized to administer the CFP certification program in Canada on behalf of FPSB. More than 175,000 individuals around the world are certified by FPSB’s member organizations to use the Certified Financial Planners® marks.

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Other Industry Partnerships

Regulatory Agreements

FP Canada has signed information-sharing agreements with certain financial industry regulatory bodies, enabling more effective oversight and stronger consumer protection. Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between FP Canada and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), the two organizations share relevant information and undertake joint education and advocacy activities. Under an MOU between FP Canada and the Insurance Council of British Columbia (ICBC), the two organizations share information about complaints, disciplinary activities and other relevant developments.