FP Retired™ Status

The FP Retired status preserves the recognition of the accomplishments of former Certified Financial Planner® professionals and Qualified Associate Financial Planner™ professionals who have retired. The FP Retired status allows individuals to stay connected with the profession, and continue to receive relevant information from FP Canada™, including information on potential volunteer opportunities.

To obtain the FP Retired Status, candidates must meet the eligibility criteria; agree to abide by the obligations of an FP Retired status holder; and not be earning an income from financial planning or related advisory services.

FP Retired Status Policies
FAQ: FP Retired Status
FP Retired Marks Usage Guide


Stay Connected With FP Canada

The FP Retired Status allows you to:

  • Remain listed on FP Canada’s Find A Financial Planner tool with the status “FP Retired”
  • Continue to receive newsletters and other relevant communications from FP Canada
  • Be eligible to attend and receive a preferred rate on select FP Canada events, and
  • Be eligible to volunteer with FP Canada as a public member


Eligibility Requirements

CFP professionals and QAFP professionals who want to obtain the FP Retired status must:

  • Be certified, or have previously been certified, as a CFP professional or QAFP professional (or FPSC Level 1® Certificant in Financial Planning) by FP Canada, for a minimum of five years;
  • Have reached, or will reach by September 30 of the application year:
    • the age of 65; or
    • the age of 55, provided the age plus the number of years of certification with FP Canada is greater than or equal to 80;
  • Not be currently earning any compensation (direct or indirect) for financial planning or related advisory services (including the provision of investment, insurance or other related advice), or from any financial institution, unless such compensation is earned from service on a Board of Directors, or a Committee, Task Force or similar group appointed by a Board of Directors; and
  • Not have a disciplinary history with FP Canada; or have a disciplinary history and have been in good standing with FP Canada for at least one year following reinstatement of CFP certification or QAFP certification.

Individuals whose CFP certification or QAFP certification has been revoked or who were denied recertification by a Disciplinary Hearing Panel are not eligible for the FP Retired status.

In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria, candidates must also agree to abide by and meet the obligations outlined in the FP Retired Status Policies and the FP Retired Marks Usage Guide.


Maintaining FP Retired Status

The FP Retired Status is valid for one year. To maintain the FP Retired status, you must renew your status by March 31 each year.

There are no annual Continuing Education (CE) credits requirements to maintain your FP Retired Status.
FP Retired Status Policies