Exam Tools

FP Canada™ has compiled a variety of publications outlining our examination policies and procedures, as a helpful resource for students, educators and other stakeholders. In addition, the tools outlined below can help students prepare to take an FP Canada exam.

FP Canada Guide to Certification Examinations

Each exam Guide explain the administrative policies that ensure all exam candidates are treated fairly. If you plan to write an FP Canada examination, you need to read the appropriate Guide prior to registration. You’ll be asked to confirm that you’ve read the Guide when you register for your exam.

Download the Guide to the QAFP Examination
Download the Guide to the CFP Examination


FP Canada Standards Council™ Competency Profile

Details the job-related skills, knowledge, attitudes and judgments required for competent performance by professional financial planners. These competencies differentiate comprehensive financial planning from other financial services and distinguish the value offered by CFP professionals. The Competency Profile is a valuable resource for examinations candidates, CFP professionals, education providers and employers.

Please note: Commencing in November 2020, FP Canada examinations will be based on the FP Canada Standards Council Competency Profile.

Every five years, FP Canada revalidates the Competency Profile to ensure its continued relevance to the financial planning industry, representation of the competency and skill level required by Canadians and reflection of the demands placed upon financial planners. The FP Canada Standards Council Competency Profile was released in 2017.

Download the FP Canada Standards Council Competency Profile
Download the Graphic Overview


Examination Blueprints

These Blueprints outline the format and content of FP Canada examinations, providing a useful tool to help you prepare to take the exam.

Download the FP Canada Blueprint: CFP Examination
Download the FP Canada Blueprint: QAFP Examination


FP Canada Standards Council Disciplinary Rules and Procedures for Examination Misconduct

These policies and procedures detail the response to concerns that a candidate may not have conducted themselves in an ethical manner when preparing for, writing or after having completed an FP Canada certification examination.

Download the Disciplinary Rules and Procedures for Examination Misconduct


Practice Exams

The Practice Exam is a study tool to help prepare you for an FP Canada examination. The Practice Exam lets you experience how the actual exam looks and feels, and most importantly, provides feedback on your performance. We recommend completing the Practice Exam early in the preparation process.

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