Volunteer Opportunities

Each year, more than 300 QAFP™ professionals and CFP® professionals generously volunteer their expertise and passion to a wide range of important activities in support of FP Canada™’s work in the public interest.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Help shape the evolution of the financial planning profession
  • Give back to the profession
  • Expand your knowledge and experience
  • Network and collaborate with other professionals
  • Earn continuing education (CE) credits

Current Opportunities

FP Canada has a range of volunteer positions for QAFP professionals, CFP professionals and public members, with varying start dates, eligibility requirements and time commitments.

Volunteer Groups

FP Canada accomplishes its work hand in hand with the following groups of professionals who generously volunteer their expertise and passion. Select a group to learn more. If you are interested in joining any of these volunteer groups, please contact volunteer@fpcanada.ca to inquire about opportunities to get involved.

FP Canada™

FP Canada's Board of Directors works to ensure that FP Canada’s purpose—to champion better financial wellness for all Canadians by advancing professional financial planning—is realized. The Board is composed of at least 10 individuals with varied backgrounds that are relevant to achieving FP Canada’s purpose. The Board’s role is to establish the strategic direction for the organization, in conjunction with the President & CEO.

Career Recruitment Ambassadors visit college and university classrooms and career events across the country to discuss the day-to-day life of a CFP professional and offer a first-hand perspective on a career in financial planning to prospective candidates. Volunteers are added to a roster of available ambassadors that are called on to attend events in their area.

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Media Ambassadors are approached when FP Canada gets requests for media interviews about the specifics of financial planning. Volunteers must be comfortable speaking with the media and need to be available on short notice. Media Ambassadors also provide expertise for content for the Canadian public through FinancialPlanningForCanadians.ca and other consumer-facing platforms. To learn more, please email pr@fpcanada.ca.


FP Canada Standards Council™

The Certification Exam Item Writer plays a vital role in shaping the next generation of FP Canada certificants. With training and support, item writers research and develop examination questions based on the Competency Profile, and review and provide feedback on questions developed by other item writers on various scenarios and topics. Item-writing workshops are hosted throughout year, with each workshop running between two to four days.

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Certification Mock Exam Writers ensure the validity of the content and development of the QAFP examination or the CFP examination. Volunteers write the exams in a mock test environment and, directly following the writing of the exam, are required to provide feedback on exam questions, structure, time provisions, format, exam day-procedures, and more. Sessions are held twice a year, with participation for the QAFP exam for a half-day, and the CFP exam for a full day.

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Following each CFP exam administration, Certification Exam Markers play a key role in evaluating the knowledge and readiness of the next generation of CFP professionals. Scorers are trained by FP Canada staff and then work within assigned teams of other CFP professionals from across Canada. They rigorously score a specific set of candidate responses in the CFP examination, a competency-based examination comprised largely of constructed-response questions. Each session runs for a five-day period.

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The Conduct Review Panel is an independent panel composed of CFP professionals and members of the public that reviews staff reports and directs the appropriate outcome of complaints against FP Canada certificants, in the public interest. The panel’s membership reflects significant diversity of experience as well as geographic diversity. The panel convenes every two months or as often as necessary, through a combination of in-person and conference call meetings.

The Hearing Panel Roster is composed of CFP professionals and lawyers with diverse experience and national representation. These professionals—many whom bring compliance or experience in professional discipline—play a critical role in ensuring the integrity of the profession by enforcing the high professional and ethical standards embodied in the FP Canada Standards Council Standards of Professional Responsibility. Members serve on an as-needed basis on Hearing Panels and Appeal Panels and, on average, will serve on between 1 and 10 panels per year.


FP Canada Institute™

As a marker, you’ll work closely with a team of other CFP professionals from across Canada. You’ll score the practice assignments and/or final assessment for the CFP Professional Education Program, QAFP Professional Education Program and/or QAFP-to-CFP Certification Bridge Program. FP Canada staff will train and effectively prepare you to conduct this rigorous and important work.

As a Part-time Faculty, you will provide support for students working through the programs, in the form of webinar or email responses to course or assignment content. FP Canada staff will provide training and guidance to effectively prepare you for this important role.


FP Canada Research Foundation™

The FP Canada Research Foundation is an independent registered charity that funds, promotes and disseminates research to help financial planners meet the increasingly complex needs of today’s client. Its research priorities include technical and behavioural research geared toward enhancing the practice of financial planning delivered to Canadians and research that reflects the impact of financial planning in the lives of Canadians.

The Board helps to establish the vision, mission, purpose and ends of the FP Canada Research Foundation and has oversight responsibilities for the Research Committee.


Thank You To Our Volunteers

FP Canada’s volunteers have a meaningful impact on the advancement of the financial planning profession. FP Canada is pleased to feature all the names of our current volunteers to recognize them for their significant contributions and ongoing commitment to excellence in the financial planning profession.

Adam Buss, Adam Reeder, Adrienne Kirsh, Ahmad Bakhshai, Al Nagy, Albert Pelletier, Alim Dhanji, Allan Barss, Allan Vinni, Amanda Greenlees, Andrew Forcier, Aneesa Chawla, Aneesh Nicorescu, Anna (Dan) Zuo, Asadul Ashraf, Audrey Thorhauer, Aurèle Courcelles, Barak Queija, Barbara Dawson, Bobby McBride, Bonnie Naccarato, Brad Speck, Brenda Potter-Phelan, Brett Millard, Brook Dyson, Candice Wong, Carla Norris, Carol Lin, Caroline Dabu, Carolyn Fallis, Carolyn Ho, Carrie Kirkland, Cathy Fletcher, Chris Dyer, Cindy Marques, Clifford Mertick, Colin Barry, Colleen Derrick, Conrad Toner, Cynthia Duncan, Cynthia Kett, Dan Busi, Dan Martonfi, Dan McAleer, Dan Meilleur, Dana Mercer-Guest, Daniel Collison, Daniel Lanteigne, Danny Whalen, Dave Wild, David Burnie, David Field, David Harris, David Johnson, David Johnson, David Muriella, David Phipps, David Salloum, David Shuen, David Terry, Dawn Hawley, Debbie Ammeter, Debbie Hartzman, Delores Moskal, Denis Preston, Derek Dedman, Dino DiMarco, Don Irwin, Dorothy Hagel, Dylan Wilson, Ed Grainger, Elaine Kelly, Elissa Atlin, Elyse Pinsonneault, Eric Wong, Eric (Yu) Qi, Erik Madsen, Felice Torre, Fran Diogo, François Beauregard, François Durocher, Frank Wiginton, Gaetan Ruest, Galina Tikhonovsky, Gena Katz, Gisele Gherasim, Glenn Fischer, Graeme Martin, Greg Boles, Guillermo Martinez, Heather Rennie, Helen A. Daley, Ian Rea, Ian Wood, Jackie Ramler, Jacqueline Soong, James Blackwell, Janice Charko, Jason Hunt, Jason Pereira, Jeanette Brox, Jean-Pierre Gallant, Jeff Cormier, Jeff Gerwing, Jeff Lightheart, Jeff Nason, Jeffrey Ryall, Jennifer Wu, Jenny Cho, Jim Kraft, Jinsong Sun, Joanne Woodrow, Jocelyne Houle-LeSarge, Joe Salib, John Brown, John De Goey, John Hope, John Vermeulen, John Voorhorst, John Patrick Cleary, Jonah Rabinovitch, Jonathan Roung, Joshua Brown, Jules Lalonde, Julia Chung, Julie Raîche, Julie Seberras, June Lee, Justin Pasula, Karen Hajdur, Karen Manarin, Kate Thompson, Katie (Yanping) Li, Keith Doxsee, Kelly Maidens, Kenneth Prentice, Kevin Cork, Kevin Gebert, Kevin Reichstein, Kim Young, Kris Read, Krista Jensen, Larry Hurd, Larry A. Wood, Lesley Poole, Linda McIntyre, Lisa Beilman, Lynn Williams, Marc Henein, Marc Andre Castonguay, Margie Parikh, Maria Paula Diaz, Marjorie Kolimlim, Mark Bailey, Mark Halpern, Mark McEachern, Markus Muhs, Marlene Buxton, Martin Dupras, MaryAnn Kokan-Nyhof, Matthew Makarenko, Meghan Chomut, Michael Dunn, Michael Grange, Michael Logashov, Michael Thorne, Michelle Tatham, Mike Gomes, Millie Gormely, Minoo Shah, Narat Charupat, Natasha Knox, Nathalie Bachand, Nathalie Lagace-Albert, Neal Kongkham, Oleg Bakharev, Olivia Yu, Orlando Lopez, Pat Macdonald, Paul Arnold, Paul Thorne, Peter Andreana, Peter Ficek, Peter Kortenaar, Peter Merrick, Peter Shena, Pierre Piché, Randal Kish, Raymond Cruz, Rhonda Sherwood, Rob Bickerton, Robert An, Robert Carmichael, Robert Tanaka, Robert Tufts, Robyn Thompson, Ronald Harvey, Ross McShane, Russ Bennett, Ryan (Joo Hyun) Sung, Sandra Dilworth, Sandra Foster, Sarah Holland, Sarah Smith, Scott Holden, Scott Plaskett, Sebastien Skupek, Shane Verity, Shannon Bernstein, Shannon Simmons, Shannon Tatlock, Shashank Hedao, Sheldon Craig, Sophie Brûlotte, Spencer Mellace, Stefanie Keller, Sterling Rempel, Steve Bridge, Stuart L. Dollar, Sucheta Rajagopal, Susan Howe, Sylvain Tremblay, Tanya Herman-Vanthuyne, Tanya Staples, Taylor Hewson, Ted Rechtshaffen, Terry Robertson, Terry Waddick, Thomas Feigs, Tim Brown, Tim McIntosh, Timothy Bertrand, Timothy Kileel, Tina Tehranchian, Tracey Britt, Travis Allen, Tyler Brack, Tyler Fehr, Tyler Saito, Veronique Shanks, Vickey Brown, Wade Van Bostelen, Warren Hope, Wasiq Saiyid, Wilf Roesler, William Watt, Yves Giroux, and Zeynep Onen.