FP Canada™ certificants add value to many organizations, such as banks, credit unions, insurance companies and financial planning firms. By hiring an FP Canada certificant, you can be sure your employee is well equipped to serve clients’ evolving needs, today and in the future. In this section, learn about the benefits of hiring an FP Canada certificant, find out how to promote job postings and explore other resources to support you as an employer. Furthermore, help amplify the conversation around Financial Planning as a Career by sending prospective certificants to our Financial Planning as a Career page.

FP Canada Certifications

Qualified Associate Financial Planner™ professionals are ideally suited to help clients who want to grow their financial well-being. QAFP® professionals have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, experience and ethics to understand client needs as change happens and strategies evolve. Their advice is holistic and touches many aspects of each client’s life. QAFP professionals serve a diverse population by offering advice for today’s speed of life. This certification can also be a bridge to CFP certification.

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Certified Financial Planner® certification is the most widely recognized financial planning designation in Canada and throughout the world and is considered the standard for the profession. CFP professionals have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, experience and ethics to examine their clients’ entire financial picture, at the highest level of complexity required of the profession, and help them build a financial plan so that they can Live Life Confidently.

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Verify the Credentials of an FP Canada Certificant

By ensuring a financial planner is certified with FP Canada, you can take comfort in knowing they have met rigorous requirements of competency, experience and ethics. Use the FP Canada Find a Planner tool to verify a planner’s certification status and, if applicable, view their disciplinary history.

For more information about the Find a Planner tool, contact FP Canada Stakeholder Support at info@fpcanada.ca, 416-593-8587 or 1-800-305-9886.

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Hire an FP Canada Certificant

FP Canada certificants provide your organization with industry-leading expertise and a commitment to a standard of care, ethics and loyalty.

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