Guidance to the Profession


Guidance and Advice

A Letter of Guidance and Advice may be issued by the Conduct Review Panel where the Panel has concerns about a certificant’s conduct but determines that a remedial approach is appropriate in the circumstances, through the issuance of guidance. Letters of Guidance and Advice do not reflect a finding of professional misconduct.

All Letters of Guidance and Advice are anonymized and published on FP Canada’s website to provide notice to certificants and the public regarding the type of conduct that is a concern to the Conduct Review Panel.

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Notice to FP Canada™ Certificants

In December 2019, the Conduct Review Panel published two notices to FP Canada certificants:

In December 2018, the Conduct Review Panel published a notice on Taking Instructions from a Third Party, to remind FP Canada certificants of their professional obligations and provide additional guidance on handling individual and joint client relationships.

In the Fall 2016 issue of the FP Standard, the Conduct Review Panel published this notice regarding a recent pattern of allegations and the corresponding guidance to certificants to meet their professional obligations.