Case Studies


Notice: The case studies have been removed at this time.



Case studies accompany each technical knowledge topic in the Financial Planning Body of Knowledge (FP-BoK) to illustrate the application of knowledge in each topic area.

The case studies focus on the application of the knowledge they accompany and are meant to be illustrative only. For greater clarity, they do not present the application of all knowledge statements, nor do they prescribe a specific approach to the client situation. Other appropriate financial planning approaches and recommendations may exist in addition to what is illustrated.

The case studies reflect the expected level of knowledge of QAFP professionals and CFP professionals, respectively. Even where the same knowledge is expected of QAFP professionals and CFP professionals, the cases tend to reflect a different application of the knowledge based on the greater complexity of client situations that CFP professionals are often called upon to address.

Given its pervasive nature, the knowledge topic of Financial Analysis is reflected in other relevant case studies.