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FP Canada™ 2021 Financial Stress Index


FP Canada publishes the Financial Stress Index to learn what’s causing Canadians stress and to understand how professional financial planners are helping Canadians with their financial wellbeing.

The survey finds that even amid the biggest public health crisis in a century, money—not personal health—was the No. 1 cause of stress. This is the fourth time in a row that Canadians have said money was the biggest stressor.


Key findings

The 2021 Financial Stress Index shows that nearly two-in-five (38%) Canadians said money was their biggest concern, outranking personal health (26%), work (20%) and relationships (15%). The survey also shows that:

  • More than 51% they have lost sleep over money concerns
  • One-in-three (31%) say it has led to health problems, a significant increase from 18% in 2020.

However, the survey also shows that Canadians who work with a professional financial planner were:

  • Far less likely to say money was their top concern, compared to those who don’t work with a financial planner (23% vs. 39%)
  • Significantly less likely to have faced health issues due to financial stress, compared to those who don’t work with a financial planner (20% vs. 31%)
  • Much more confident of their financial future compared to those who didn’t have a financial planner



2021 Financial Stress Index at a glance




White paper

Drill down into the findings of the Financial Stress Index with the white paper, which captures the key findings, nationally, regionally and by topic to help you demonstrate the value of working with a financial planner.


Updates & Insights blog – How professional financial planners can help

Build a roadmap for your clients, empower them to make the best financial decisions and take control of their money and their wellness.


Consumer article – If you care about health, tend to your finances

This article, published on our consumer website (link) and shared via social media reinforces the benefit of creating a financial plan and how working with a financial planner can be key to health and financial wellbeing.


Sample social media posts

Share insights with your network and start the conversation with clients, prospective clients on social media. Download your 2021 Financial Stress Index social media posts.


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Beat the stress this summer with FP Canada’s Spotify Stress-Free Summer playlist, curated for your listening pleasure. While these aren’t related to financial stress, we hope you’ll feel a lot better.



Tools and resources on this page can help you, as a financial planner certified by FP Canada, continue to have the right conversations with clients, prospective clients and find out how you can help them manage their stress.


2021 Financial Stress Index Infographic click button to download pdf.