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As a financial planner, you make a meaningful difference in your clients’ lives. FP Canada is here to support you in that mission. We have compiled a series of publications, research studies and other tools that can help to guide you in your practice, educate your clients on the value of financial planning and promote your professional designation.

CFP® Professional Value Proposition

Looking for an effective way to describe the difference you make in your clients’ lives? FP Canada engaged in qualitative research on the functional and emotional value of financial planning. The result is a value proposition that conveys the meaningful role CFP® professionals play in the lives of their clients:

    You have aspirations – for what and who you care about, for today and for the future. But life is complicated, and figuring out how to make those aspirations a reality can be hard.
    You need a plan. A financial plan. Only CFP professionals see your whole picture, no matter how complex, and work with you to help you understand where you are and where you want to be.
    Whether you have a pressing issue or just need some help getting started, CFP professionals have the knowledge, skills, experience and the ethics to help you build the financial plan that will let you live your life confidently.

The new tagline for the CFP designation, Live Life Confidently, succinctly summarizes this value proposition.

Here are some ideas for incorporating this messaging into your marketing efforts to communicate your brand in a way that resonates with clients and prospects.


Elevator Pitch

"Life is complicated and figuring out how to reach your goals can be overwhelming. There’s an endless amount of information out there and it can be hard to even know where to start. I simplify complex financial matters for my clients and look at their whole picture to help them build a plan that lets them Live Life Confidently™."

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Jane Doe, CFP®
Helping You Live Life Confidently™

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Let's Build a Plan to Help You Live Life Confidently™

Publications for Financial Planners
Financial Planning Body of Knowledge
Describes the knowledge expected of CFP® professionals and FPSC Level 1® Certificants in Financial Planning.

Canadian Financial Planning Definitions, Standards & Competencies
The first unified, definitive source on financial planning definitions and professional standards in Canadian history.

CFP Competency Profile
Outlines FP Canada’s standards of competence for CFP professionals including job-related skills, knowledge, attitudes and judgments.

CFP Competency Profile – Graphic Overview
A graphic overview of FP Canada’s standards of competence for CFP professionals including job-related skills, knowledge, attitudes and judgments.

2019 Projection Assumption Guidelines
An aid in making long-term financial projections that are free from potential financial planner biases or predispositions.

Addendum to the 2019 Projection Assumption Guidelines
A companion to the Guidelines, contains the data sources on which the Guidelines are based, the specific calculations for inflation and guidelines for rate of return.

FP Canada Standards Council Standards of Professional Responsibility
Defines the ethical and professional responsibilities of CFP professionals and FPSC Level 1 certificants, which are set and enforced by FP Canada Standards Council.


Consumer Research
Cross-Country Checkup
One-in-three Canadians would fail the financial stress test – meaning they somewhat or strongly doubt their bank account would withstand a financial emergency, such as a car repair or emergency vet bill.

Seniors & Money
Survey of Canadians aged 60 years and older around the issues they face when it comes to debt, income, financial planning and work.

Financial Stress
According to this follow-up survey, Canadians rank money as their greatest source of stress.

Financial Independence
In this national survey women report that they are struggling when it comes to their finances.

Financial Infidelity
Our lips are sealed. More than one third (34%) of Canadians admit that they are keeping financial secrets from their current romantic partner.

Financial Blues
Blue Monday, usually the second Monday in January, is considered the saddest day of the year. This survey looks at what is making Canadians feel blue.
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Life's Better with a CFP® Professional
Key findings from The Value of Financial Planning study provide compelling insight into the potentially life-changing impact of financial planning on emotional and financial well-being.

4 Steps to Finding the Financial Planner Who's Right for You
Share this infographic with your networks to encourage prospective and current clients to take the next step to find a professional financial planner.

Your Annual Financial Checkup
Your clients schedule an annual checkup with their doctor. Encourage them to take their finances just as seriously with this infographic.
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Certified Financial Planner® professional. Simplifying complex financial matters to help clients Live Life Confidently™.

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Resources for Clients
Here's the Plan™ Newsletter
Encourage your clients to subscribe to our monthly email newsletter, which provides actionable financial planning tips and encourages them to connect with a professional.

Value of Financial Planning Booklet
A summary of the findings from a three-year longitudinal study that evaluated Canadians’ financial planning activities and the perceived impact on their emotional and financial well-being.
Our consumer website contains over 140 articles, videos and infographics to help your clients understand the importance and benefits of financial planning with a professional.

These video series will help your clients explore important financial topics and understand how a professional financial planner can make an important difference in their lives.

Here's the Plan™ Brochure
Order this brochure to educate your clients on how you can help them achieve their personal and financial objectives.
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Promote Your Designation
Add Certification Marks to your Materials
Download the CFP marks or FPSC Level 1 marks to use in your communications such as your email signature, letterhead, website or business cards.

Share your Digital Credential (CFP professionals only)
CFP professionals may promote their certification through a custom, blockchain-verified digital credential page, which includes a digital CFP professional badge and a digital CFP professional certificate. Both digital resources are shareable across many online platforms, including email signatures, websites and social media accounts. Learn more about digital credentials here.

Display Your Credentials
Choose from a variety of high-quality frames to elegantly display your diploma, annual certificate or the Code of Ethics poster.


Build your profile on the Find Your Planner Tool
Enhance your marketability by adding details about the services you provide. Contact us at, 416-593-8587 or 1-800-305-9886 for assistance.
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Social Media
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