Introduction to Professional Ethics (IPE)

Offered by the FP Canada Institute™, the IPE course equips students with the requisite foundational knowledge of the ethical obligations owed by all professionals, and the specific application of these obligations to financial planning practice.

IPE teaches students the distinction between integrity-based professional obligations and compliance-based obligations, with emphasis on the financial services landscape. The course introduces the specific professional obligations of QAFP™ professionals and CFP® professionals, why they matter and what they mean in practical terms.

NEW: The FP Canada Institute Introduction to Professional Ethics course is now eligible for the following 2 MFDA continuing education (CE) credits:

  • Business Conduct, Ethics – 2 CE credits

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Course Information

Course Cost:

$150 when purchased with a Professional Education Program. $200 when purchased on its own. IPE fees are non-refundable.

Start Date:

Anytime, upon registration.

Course Length (Estimate):

Two hours of learning, including an end-of-course online assessment.

Course Prerequisites:



To register for IPE, you must create an account on the FP Canada Portal. Once logged in to the FP Canada Portal, complete the FP Canada Institute Education Application available on the "My Applications" page.

If you choose to register for IPE and a Professional Education Program at the same time, you will receive a $50 discount on the purchase of IPE.

Course Completion Requirements and Assessment:

IPE includes an online multiple-choice, end-of-course assessment. Students must achieve a minimum grade of 60% to successfully complete the course.

Maximum Allowable Time to Complete the Course:

Six months. Failure to complete the end-of-course assessment within six months of the registration date will result in an “incomplete” record for the course. Exceptions may be granted at the FP Canada Institute’s sole discretion.

Repeating Enrolment:

Students who do not successfully complete their IPE course within six months of registration and wish to reattempt it must re-enrol at the full course fee.

For more information on the IPE course, refer to the FP Canada Institute Student Handbook.