CFP® Professional Education Program

The CFP Professional Education program is a unique program that prepares you to handle even the most complex client scenarios by helping you understand key behavioral factors that affect client decisions. Interactive exercises and real-life scenarios ensure you are client-ready and give you a marketplace advantage.

Build behavioural and relationship knowledge and skills

  • Earn the FP Canada Advanced Certificate in 3H Financial Planning™, recognizing expertise in planning that is Holistic, Human, and Honest.
  • Benefit from practical learning that includes real-life client scenarios and interactive exercises
  • Understand the many behavioral factors that drive client decisions, even in complex scenarios
  • Help clients achieve their goals through a holistic, long-term financial plan that meets their complex needs
  • Understand the importance of always acting in clients’ best interests and maintaining the highest standards of professional responsibility

Program Outline

  1. Beginning with the August 2024 cohort, the Introduction to Professional Ethics Course (IPE) will be incorporated into the CFP Professional Education Program and will form the first module of this program.
  2. The subsequent portion of the CFP Professional Education Program consists of seven units, each containing sections on financial planning, human behavior, and professional responsibility:
    1. Value proposition
    2. Terms of engagement
    3. Discovery
    4. Analysis
    5. Recommendations and financial plan
    6. Implement recommendations
    7. Monitor and review


The CFP Professional Education Program is eligible for the following continuing education (CE) credits:

  • Business Conduct, Ethics – 8 CE credits
  • Professional Development – 20 CE credits
  • Compliance – 10 CE credits
  • Professional Development – 20 CE credits



Program Information

Program Cost:

  • June and July cohorts $1,665
  • Cohorts starting August 2024 $1,815*

*If you're interested in enrolling in the CFP® Professional Education Program for the August 2024 cohort and beyond, note that the Introduction to Professional Ethics (IPE) course has been integrated into the program and no longer needs to be purchased separately.

Program Prerequisites:

Registration and Start Dates

  • Start dates are scheduled on the first business day of each month
  • Students can register for programs that start within three months
  • Registration closes 10 business days prior to the scheduled start date
  • To register:
    • Create an account on the FP Canada Portal and log in
    • Complete the FP Canada Institute Education Application, available on the "My Applications" page
    • Select program start date
    • Upload proof of completion of prerequisites to the application or email them to FP Canada (completion of IPE is automatically registered)
      • Documents must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the scheduled start date
  • To register after the deadline has passed, students can submit a request to Exceptions are not guaranteed and require the student to pay a fee

Time to Complete

  • The CFP Professional Education Program is equivalent to a one-semester university course
  • Program takes an estimated 75–95 hours to complete
  • The program must be completed within 12 months of program start date
    • A three-month extension can be purchased if more time is required

Technology Requirements

To complete all elements of the program, the following technology is required:

  • A computer with a sound card and speakers or headphones
  • A high-speed internet connection
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel (macros enabled)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Students can access online learning using a tablet or mobile device. However, students must use a computer to complete each of the program assignments and the final assessment.

Mac Users: To ensure the assignments and final assessment display and functions correctly, students must install Acrobat Reader for Mac OS, then set Acrobat Reader as the default application for opening PDF documents.

Program Format

  • Delivered online through the FP Canada Institute Learning Platform
  • Students progress through the program at their own pace while adhering to all assignments and the final assessment due dates
  • Student support available through discussion forums and live, virtual, weekly office hours with a CFP professional

Evaluation Information

  • Student performance is evaluated through seven end-of-unit assignments and one final assessment, each of which is based on realistic client scenarios
  • Each evaluation item has a set due date (see table below); a grade of zero is given for any assignment or final assessment that is not submitted on time

Assignment and Assessment Due Dates:

Assignment Due Date
Unit 1 AssignmentEnd of month 1
Unit 2 AssignmentEnd of month 2
Unit 3 AssignmentEnd of month 4
Unit 4 AssignmentEnd of month 6
Unit 5 AssignmentEnd of month 8
Unit 6 AssignmentEnd of month 9
Unit 7 AssignmentEnd of month 10
Final AssessmentEnd of month 12

For example, a student who begins the program on March 1 must submit the end-of-unit assignment for Unit 1 by March 31.

Repeat Enrolment

  • Students who do not successfully complete the CFP Professional Education Program and wish to reattempt it must re-enrol at the full program fee, subject to continuing to meet prerequisite education requirements


  • Registered students may request a postponement for a fee
  • Postponement requests are accepted up to 20 business days after the start of the program and before any assignment is submitted. Once 20 business days have passed or an assignment is submitted, postponements are not accepted
  • Postponements can be made to an available start date within three months of the request date
  • Only one postponement is permitted


  • Students who choose to withdraw from the program may be eligible for a refund, depending on when they withdraw, as follows:
Date of Withdrawal Refund
Up to 20 business days after program start date  75%
More than 20 business days after program start dateNo Refund

For all policies relating to the CFP Professional Education Program, refer to the FP Canada Institute Student Handbook.



For assistance with your continuing education registration or for questions about the course, contact our FP Canada Certificant and Student Services at, 416-593-8587 or 1-800-305-9886. Our office is open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.