CFP® Examination

The CFP examination is a six-hour, computer-based exam consisting of a combination of multiple-choice (15%-25%) and constructed-response (75%-85%) questions. Each question on the exam focuses on specific elements of the CFP Professional Competency Profile and integrates several financial planning areas. The CFP exam is offered twice a year. Candidates may request a French language examination.

Results Now Available for the CFP® Examination

Results are now available for the June 2019 sitting of the CFP Examination, which took place at 54 testing centres across Canada on June 7, 2019.

A total of 717 candidates wrote the CFP examination, the second and final exam on the current path to CFP certification. The exam writers included 513 candidates who were taking the exam for the first time and 204 candidates who were re-attempting the exam. The overall exam pass rate was 61%. Among first-time writers, the pass rate was 68% and among repeat writers, the pass rate was 42%.

The only globally recognized mark of professional financial planning, the Certified Financial Planner® designation is obtained through extensive education, a rigorous standardized national examination process, real-world work experience requirements and agreement to abide by a professional code of ethics, practice standards, and the rules and regulations of a professional body.

Effective January 1, 2020, the requirements for obtaining CFP certification are changing. FPSC Level 1® certification, which is currently a requirement on the path to CFP certification, will be replaced by QAFP™ certification. November 29, 2019 will be the last administration of the CFP exam under the current paths and requirements. Those wishing to attain CFP certification in 2020 and beyond will have the choice to pursue CFP certification directly, or pursue QAFP certification first and continue their studies to complete CFP certification at a later date. Visit our Certifications Transition Guide to learn more about the certification changes.

Registration for the November 29th CFP exam is open now; candidates can register here.

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Important Dates

October 29Exam registration closes
Last day to request a refund, postponement or change exam location
November 6Last day to provide educational transcripts
November 29CFP examination takes place at locations across Canada
December 13Last day to notify FP Canada of any change of address prior to release of exam results
To be determinedResults released for the CFP examination





Early Bird Discounted
Rate ends two months
before exam sitting
After Early Bird
closes one month
before exam sitting
Exam Registration & Practice Exam   $925 + tax$1025 + tax
Exam Registration$750 + tax$850 + tax

To view a complete list of examination fees, including alternate location, postponement or withdrawal fees, click here.



To write the CFP exam, you must have successfully completed an FP Canada-Approved Capstone Course within the past four years. You will need to submit a transcript that indicates your successful completion of all courses, through your FP Canada Portal approximately one month prior to the scheduled examination sitting or such other date as established by FP Canada. If you are rewriting the exam, you do not need to re-submit your transcript.

Submit Your Transcript


If you hold the Pl. Fin. from IQPF or a CFP credential from an FPSB member organization, you may be eligible for exemption from an FP Canada-Approved Capstone Course and proceed directly to the CFP examination. You will need to submit a letter from your governing body that confirms your qualifications and good standing, through your FP Canada Portal no later than one month before the exam.

Submit Your Documentation

You must successfully complete the CFP examination within four years (or four attempts) of successfully completing an FP Canada-Approved Capstone Course. If you are not successful on the exam within four years (or four attempts), you will need to successfully repeat the Capstone Course.


Exam Locations

You will be asked to indicate your preferred exam location on the CFP examination application. FP Canada will strive to accommodate your preferred location, but if the location has reached capacity your second preferred location will be assigned to you. In the rare event that your first and second preferred locations are at capacity, an alternate exam location will be proposed to you. A list of standard locations is available in the FP Canada Guide to Certification Examinations.


Practice Exam

The Practice Exam is a study tool to help prepare you for the CFP examination. It allows you to experience how the actual exam looks and feels – and most importantly provides feedback on your performance. Candidates who have prepared with the Practice Exam reported feeling more familiar with the exam software, said the diagnostic report provided useful feedback on their performance and said they felt better prepared to write the exam. We encourage you to take advantage of this tool and we recommend that you complete the Practice Exam early in your preparation process.

Order the Practice Exam


Based on the FP Canada Blueprint: CFP Examination, the Practice Exam has the same structure, format and types of questions as the actual exam and uses the same software that you’ll use on exam day.

After purchase, you have a total of nine hours to complete the six-hour exam and you may only write it once. You can log in and out as many times as you wish provided total time logged in does not exceed nine hours. You can view the Practice Exam questions, their response options and the rationales for each correct and incorrect answer as often as you like until exam day. Self-scoring willrequire additional time beyond the time it takes you to complete the Practice Exam. There is no time limit for self-scoring or for reviewing the diagnostic report – you can use it right up to exam day.

Following completion of the Practice Exam, you will receive detailed sample responses for all exam questions to allow you to self-score the exam, as well as a diagnostic report to help you identify areas that may require more study. The self-scoring feature can provide unique insight into what is required for successful completion of the exam. By comparing your practice answers to the sample responses, you will understand:

  • the structure of the scoring process;
  • the rationale for why one answer is correct or incorrect; and
  • what types of responses may be required to earn marks.

You may perceive that the level of difficulty of the actual exam varies from the Practice Exam. The reason could be because you have more time to write the Practice Exam, you have access to study materials while you write it and the results have no direct consequences. When you write the actual exam, there may be some differences in administration settings and there are tighter time constraints for writing. These factors could make the actual exam seem more difficult.

Refunds cannot be provided for purchase of the Practice Exam. Use of the Practice Exam is restricted to candidates who have registered or are registering to write the CFP examination and is for personal study use only. Please note that there are no refunds on Practice Exam purchases. The Practice Exam is updated annually for currency and the exam questions were last refreshed in January 2019. The Practice Exam is currently only available in English.

View the Terms & Conditions

If you have questions about the Practice Exam, please contact us at Questions or comments received less than two days prior to the CFP examination will be answered after the examination. There are no additional explanations or tutoring on the Practice Exam content. Please refer to your study materials to better understand the concepts presented in the Practice Exam.


Study Toolkit

Tips and tools to help you prepare to write the CFP examination.

Maximize your study efforts for the CFP examination with an exclusive webinar facilitated by FP Canada Standards Council’s Examinations department. To help exam candidates gain insight into the exam and exam processes, the webinar will answer frequently asked questions such as:

View the CFP Examination Webinar

If you’re registered for the CFP examination, you have access to more than 50 sample exam questions on your FP Canada Portal including sample case studies, retired exam questions – both multiple-choice and constructed-response, keys to competency and much more.

Access These Tools

Familiarize yourself with the examination software by using our exam software tutorial. The tutorial gives you an opportunity to experience how the software will work.

Try the Software Tutorial

Arriving to your exam prepared and knowing what to expect is your best strategy for success. For detailed information about the CFP examination, refer to the FP Canada Guide to Certification Examinations.

We strongly encourage you to use the CFP Professional Competency Profile, and materials from your FP Canada-Approved Capstone Course to prepare for the CFP examination. It’s important to understand that the elements of financial planning competency focus not only on knowledge required, but on how CFP professionals must behave in practice. The questions on the CFP examination will refer to one or more elements of competency. You’ll be expected to understand the competencies and how they should be applied in practice.

Please note: FP Canada Standards Council does not review, recommend or endorse any external study help providers, courses or materials as representative of the CFP examination.


Preparation Checklist

This checklist will help you prepare to write the CFP examination. For detailed information about the CFP examination, refer to the FP Canada Guide to Certification Examinations.

  • Log in to your FP Canada Portal to register for the exam.
  • Submit your Capstone Course transcripts through your FP Canada Portal approximately 2.5 weeks prior to your exam sitting. You do not need to submit your transcripts at the same time that you register for the CFP examination.
  • Review the FP Canada Blueprint: CFP Examination, which details the weightings and financial planning functions and components that will be covered on the exam.
  • Review the CFP Professional Competency Profile, which outlines the competencies that are being assessed in the exam (i.e. the application of your learned technical knowledge to a client situation).
  • The FP Canada Guide to Certification Examinations is required reading for all FP Canada examination candidates.
  • View the Examination Preparation Webinar, facilitated by FP Canada Standards Council’s Examinations department, to gain insight into the exam and exam processes.
  • Purchase the Practice Exam. Candidates who have prepared with the Practice Exam reported feeling more familiar with the exam software, said the diagnostic report provided useful feedback on their performance and said they felt better prepared to write the exam.
  • Review more than 50 multiple-choice sample exam questions, as well as eight sample constructed-response cases – these are available on your FP Canada Portal.
  • Familiarize yourself with the exam software by accessing the Software Tutorial.
  • Bring your Admission Ticket. Approximately two weeks prior to the exam, you will receive an email directing you to download and print your Admission Ticket from your FP Canada Portal. The address of your exam location will be printed on the Admission Ticket.
  • Bring photo identification. Along with your printed Admission Ticket, you must bring photo identification issued by a third party and containing both your photograph and signature. The name on your identification must match the name on your exam application, Capstone Course transcripts and Admission Ticket. For examples of acceptable pieces of identification, please refer to pages 15-16 in the FP Canada Guide to Certification Examinations.
  • Bring a noiseless, non-programmable financial calculator. For a listing of approved calculator models, please refer to pages 16-17 in the FP Canada Guide to Certification Examinations.
  • Arrive early. Please report to the examination centre by 8:15 a.m. and be registered and seated to hear instructions by 8:45 a.m. The writing of the exam will begin at 9:00 a.m.
  • For instructions on what to bring, what not to bring, what you may keep on your desk during the exam and other important details, please refer to pages 15-18 in the FP Canada Guide to Certification Examinations.


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If you have any questions regarding the CFP examination or your responsibilities or rights as a candidate, please contact us at, 416.593.8587 or 1.800.305.9886. We will be pleased to assist you.